Becoming Dice

Silently you stepped over
to purchase the other side
of the line that had us separated
from all we would rather be.

The game had you roll like a dice.
Unaware of the numbers we were to face.
And the chances slipped from spaces
between our fingers where we held the same.
Belonging to us.
Not you. Not me. It was  us.

The key to the lock we have,
now rests on the ocean bed.
“Two is the number now, one is not.”
The Dice tells.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi.
(The Stories beneath the eyes)


Restless Soul

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Spirits restless rising
Shivering core entwined
Aspirations in midnight open-eyed
Dreams silent behind eyes.
Disquitening butterflies
Prepare the soldier
Far into the miles
And for the transient body
Thoughts in mind.
Elements in spirited found
Courage plants down Victors
Not bow to the sinking downs.
Contain them fluent be waters
Becomes Wells, Oceans,
Or Rusty Kettle holes
Centred in core heartful
Still remains the goal.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi.
(The Stories beneath the eyes.)


And I am hypnotised by this dream
Hypothetical it may seem
As the thoughts doesn’t count the boundaries they drown.

She would gaze at your soul
But would look beyond
the fragments of emotions you drop when you walk.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes.)

The Stories beneath the eyes..

IMG_20150716_150342_409O! The thoughts of mine,
Flowing out through the walls of the mind.
I wonder why?
Why none seems to hold meaning?
For the weary minds.
All is banal.
Mundane to the very core.
Though life wasn’t sucked out,
from their very hearts.
Still they cease,
Cease to know,
Cease to understand the purpose,
For what they were here for.
Oscillate as they always do,
Fickling from one to the other two.
Never knowing what was hidden,
Yes! Hidden, beneath the superficial show.
Confused they will ever be.
Hope is for them who dare to look beneath,
where lies the force that creates the fort.
Fort that emanates from the turmoil behind the eyes.
Let them be, Let them see.
Only if they know,
What actually watching means to be.
Manvendra Vidyarthi.
(The Stories beneath the eyes)