Flavor you a hue.

Like a lighter winter
in a single whirl of a
white in fire yellow.

It rolls over on the 
pink lady lip with
the taste that rests
in the breeze of a sigh.

 The gaze, taken into a bite,
 comes out of crystal dark
and a breath full drawn
that lets out blanket warm.

Gush of air scented
in a skin soft and
dense of hair sea
to flavor me hue.

– Manvendra Vidyarthi

Farewell April


Dear April,
The day of the silent footsteps has come.
The fiery one is ready to hide,
to let the last serene ocean
of the night say its goodbye.
It will be pretty and your cruel nature, a beautiful one.
The feet, and of the other lovers I am unaware of
will sink tonight.
This is how we wait, clutched and deprived.
You leave behind a tiny shadow
as you move away on your toes.
My heart throbs and I know it wants to follow you.
This weak one blames me for it cannot leave
as my being cages it in my ribs.
A long March does torment me.
But unlike you,
she presents you at her shadow.
What do you have for me ‘My April’?

-Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes)

The Arithmetic of the Darker hue of the Orange.

Yet again, it was the unpermitted.
Surely I have a thing for it.
No, I do not have to suppose anymore.
And in my confidence,
We know what we need to know.
(I thought I did, Foolishness smiles at me.)

You understand the arithmetic of the cerulean colour.
Remember? How once, I told you about a certain kind of Diagram?
Now I tell you how,
It radiates the ‘Darker Hue Of The Orange’.
Just as this evening sky,
Blushing the orange of the Sun.

And how fierce you are, Orange.
But admiring this, the cerulean wears it all.
(Can he now?)

Listen Grace, closely listen to this colour.
I find this serene. I wait for your meaning.
All the details you explore.
And the storms you bring in my cage.
Yet, the peace it brings.
Never had I thought,
that the storms bring along peace.
Reminds me,
Of how you once
you told me about being illogical.
(I am being one with it now.)
I recall, the same day I met insecurity…
… (This Poem is Unfinished and will remain to be.)


A Message Through The Sun, The Earth, The Sky.


Is this the sunset when the sea is painted in glittering gold?
Or the foreign lands?
Of whom I learn more, each day.
Like the memory I never lived.
Is that how the clouds make the earth taste?
Of which is hers to begin with.
Of which she is unknown.
Yet, it is all her own.
How she becomes more of what she was before.
O! The Sun!
O! The Earth!
O! The Sky!
How might I, through you convey?
In genuineness, what is hidden in the moon’s light.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes)

The Extension (After the Angelectomy)

But I tell the infinite to find me.
Sleeping in the jungles of absurdity.
This nature keeps me still.

As for her, this is easy.
Which it will never speak.

It knows that I am weak.
All in where none of this finiteness.
Anything it will mean.

The white light will sit on me.
I will breathe through you I promise.
Accept me while there still be
The Infinite, The Time.

You’re too kind. I say to you again.
Too kind.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi.
(The Stories beneath the eyes)



To you, I am a puzzle.
A mathematical problem
that takes too much paper
and ink to be solved.
Because, to you, it looks so.
So you find me better, unsolved.
It is easy to open books
of subjects with no problems to solve.
So I stay unsolved. I stay unresolved.
But when again the mathematics of me, as you see.
Finds you in settlement with the easy things.
Unlike me. So you see.
Again I am a complex problem.
For you, needing too much paper
and ink to be solved.
You move on.
I stay unsolved. I stay unresolved.
Little you know. I am literature.
Just a good read and all is solved.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes)