P.V. Sindhu (Acrostic)


Point by point, She scored our hearts away.
Victorious, regardless of what the world says.
She poured in, what is more than all the gold.
In every moment of the hour, it was her heart, her soul.
Not even when it was all over, she did fall.
Dazzling like a star, she lifted the girl’s face like a true power.
Honour and pride she brings to her home.
Until the next hour, we are sure, with this, there will be gold.

– Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes)

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Secret (Acrostic)


Silenced beneath beautiful shining green
Eyes deep like the oceans I have longing for.
Chest holding a lot more than every complexity holds.
Resting where they belong.
Enwrapped away from the cruelty of this world.
Time in this life, will not be enough to unravel them all.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes)

Double Acrostic.


‘I’ as an echo, breathe in some places known. ‘But’
‘still’ cognizant of memories gone by.’I’
‘feel’ as stones waiting in the deserts who ‘know’.
‘The’ only chance they possess is with ‘you’.
‘Same’, as the echo breathing in places I know of, but you ‘don’t’.

-Manvendra Vidyathi
(The Stories beneath the eyes.)