To The Unfulfilling Sea

The wondrous night steps on my feet
and gladly I tell her
stories I wanted you to hear.

But my unfulfilling sea,
you throw too many waves at me.

The day does not hide its light
when I show her the letters
I wanted you to have.

But, O! My unfulfilling sea,
you throw too many waves at me.

Should you choose,
you could gently eat up this shore.
Yet, my unfulfilling sea,
You choose
to throw too many waves at me.

-Manvendra Vidyarthi


4 thoughts on “To The Unfulfilling Sea

  1. The sea is wild. Chaos unleasheshed, unfettered. Untamed. Unpredictable. Immensely beautiful in her glory and mystery. Her gentleness is not for those who conquer her, not for those who seek to tame her, but for those souls who give in to her nature. That surrender to her unrelenting tides and waves. To them she is no longer harsh, but sustenance and elegant peace.

    Just saying. 😀

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    • So it is. I speak for none but the dangling participle who is slightly tragically weird. He met many an ocean, fulfilling yet sweet. But O! that unfulfilling sea, maybe 5 foot deep. Threw too many waves at his feet.


      • Hahaha… Conceded. Your encounter with the sea was not what you needed it to be. But maybe you needed to go deeper, where your feet would leave the bottom and the waves no longer crash. Where peace and calm await those willing to bear the wind and the waves. There is no joy in fulfillment without the restless anticipation that comes without fulfillment. And maybe the sea sought to draw you in?
        The sea always holds fulfillment. 😛

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      • But should the one dangling keep at it? An old soul might not find solace in the transience, the superficial. This sea of people might not give but take much. Some just spring the fulfillment in other things.


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