Dear Darling of once.


Dear Darling of once.
Partner in crimes stealing
victimizing us in betters.
Gone lost in heavens?
Or in blazing hot ashens?
None? The sweetened lush of greens?
Wrong still! Forgive such naive picks.
You are such, still
a Dear Darling of once.

Eternal joyous? Oh! Undone,
Not me, I am none.
See and dig deep.
A window takes you a place
Our crimes sits in, now vague.

Dear Darling of once.
You know you see in pains.
Some crimes you made
In windows I have seen
Hidden in unsolicited weeps.
Crimes too speak partnered by none.
Criminals we were to victimize one of each.

Dear Darling of once.
For I seek
Lift me, masks i keep.
Criminal – my crimes of partners none.
My keeps have gone vague.
Afar Islands, Dear Darling,
My sail’s distancing.
Dear Darling of once.
Promises being silent keeps.
Your music plays and my sail stays.
Dear Darling of once.
-Manvendra Vidyarthi.
(The Stories beneath the eyes.)

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