The Fire, The Dark and The Liar.


Yes! You have long forgotten those curves you felt.
Originating from your very heart
and surfacing on your sweet face
that always has the beauty of the Lilac.
(I hope you are aware of this fact.)

I know time has walked and so have we.
The Dark turned to the Days,
the Days again to the Dark.
You moved onto a sacred place.
Mine’s still running.
Covering each memory yard by yard.
Do you remember? We talked of this,
How the Dark is for the Fire
and the Fire is for the Dark.

No! No! We have not lived yet.
Lived to know that this is what we are.
The Fire in our Hearts
and the Dark in our Liars.
And I want to know, who is to you more prior?
Suppose we did not have any minds.
Though we do, and
I am sure for you too.
Would that still make us stay blind?
As we are with our minds?
-Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes.)


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