We are Love and We are Free.


And I was in “Love”
When the rains wanted to fall slithering through me.
A place that we kept through the winters warm,
amid the whirlpools of the sea.
I be you and you be me.
Let’s stand in oneness in our hearts
And pull each other out of darks,
Until we are free.
You hold onto that, love that, what real is in me.
And I will be your wall through the endless times,
you will never have to plea.
We might end worthless, become salts and dissolve in the seas
Or stay as soils, under those beautiful trees.
But I know we will never.
For we are together and not a world can make us less.
For we are and will always be free.
Manvendra Vidyarthi
(The Stories beneath the eyes.)


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